Dinosaur Train

Have You Heard About The Herd?/Jess Hesperornis #122

Tuesday, December 6, 12:00 pm on KPBS

Duration: 0:28:46

Description: Have You Heard About the Herd? - Tiny and Buddy are psyched to go to the Cretaceous Picnic Grounds where they meet Ernie Einiosaurus, who shows them how he lives in a large herd! Ernie introduces the Pteranodons to a herding game that makes even Mrs. Pteranodon put on her game face! Jess Hesperornis - The Pteranodons venture to the Big Pond to find out if dinosaurs can live in the water. Their quandaries are quenched when they meet Jess Hesperornis, who turns out to be not only a water dwelling dino, but a bird as well!


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Broadcast In: English