Molly of Denali

Wild Moose Chase/Where The Bison Roam #119

Tuesday, December 6, 07:00 am on KPBS

Duration: 0:28:46

Description: Wild Moose Chase Molly's class is learning about bartering by practicing with kids who live up north in Kaktovik, Alaska. Molly offers to trade a pair of moose antlers for the kids' fossilized whale bone, but later discovers that the antlers she's promised have been traded around town! Can Molly and Tooey track down the traveling antlers or will this barter go bust? Where the Bison Roam Molly and Mom accompany Nina to Shageluk, where Nina is doing a follow-up story on the country's only herd of wild wood bison. Once there, they meet Dr. Locklear and fly out to record the number of bison in the herd. Unfortunately, one of them seems to be missing. Will they be able to find it?


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Broadcast In: English