Molly of Denali

Sap Season/Book of Mammoths #111

Monday, January 27, 08:30 am on KPBS

Duration: 0:28:45

Description: It's been a long winter in Qyah, and everyone is out of birch syrup. Luckily, Auntie Midge is teaching Molly and Tooey how to tap trees so they can make more. But then a mischievous raven unties the rope tethering their boat to the shore, and the trio are left stranded with barrels of sap and no way to get them home. / Molly and her Dad are shocked when Travis, a tourist, announces that the goal of his expedition is to find a living woolly mammoth. He's read all about it in a "reputable" book and is convinced mammoths dwell in a secret valley. Can Molly convince Travis that mammoths are extinct before his shenanigans turn into a mammoth problem for them all?


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Broadcast In: English