Skeletons of New Zealand

The Redheads #101

Friday, April 10, 07:00 am on FNX NAT

Duration: 1:01:40

Description: Skeletons in the Cupboard digs deeply into the now denied history of three early tribes, and the once powerful but peace-loving red or golden-haired, green-eyed early inhabitants: the Ngati Hotu and the Waitaha. Who are these people, where did they come from and where are they now? One woman's story of her ancestral folk lore leads to the local magazine article: 'DNA to Rock the Nation,' and sparks our controversial inquiry. Celebrated author, Barry Brailsford brings the story of Waitaha to life in an emotionally stirring interview. On viewing the film for the first time he remarked, 'It's the best documentary investigation of the old history and for the first time it gives a factual scientific basis to help the mainstream understand. Wonderful research.' The story takes us through ancient fairy stories while presenter Gabi Plumm hunts for proof of their existence. She delves into the history of the red heads and why they are slowly vanishing off the face of the earth. And they are not the only things that are vanishing. Evidence emerges of: missing archeological data and carbon datings that go back 4000 years, sites with seventy-five year embargoes pasted on them because of the age of the finds, skeletons with skulls the size of pumpkins destroyed and bulldozed over, and people too scared to talk.


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