Finding My Talk

Saturday, January 25, 02:10 am on FNX NAT

Duration: 0:48:00

Description: Filmmaker Paul Rickard looks at his Cree language roots and presents the work Native people across Canada are doing to revive and preserve First Nations languages. This one hour documentary follows the journey of Cree filmmaker Paul M. Rickard as he searches for his own language roots and discovers the tireless efforts of many individuals who are promoting, reviving and preserving the use of Aboriginal languages within their communities. He visits Carcross in the Yukon where the Tlingit language is one of the most endangered languages in Canada. From there he travels to Kahnawake, Quebec where the Mohawk have been conducting special language programs since 1977. His journey also takes him to Iqaluit where Inuktitut is thriving as the official language of the government of Nunavut. In each place he meets dynamic people who are leaders in the struggle to save their languages. Revitalized by these experiences,Paul returns home to Moose Factory, Ontario with a new appreciation for his own language.


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