Down The Mighty River

Addicted to Hydro #104

Friday, April 10, 03:30 am on FNX NAT

Duration: 0:22:01

Description: Quebec and the James Bay Cree have one thing in common: they're both hooked on hydro-electric power. Today, the Cree have come rely on hydro money. For Quebec, it's the cornerstone of the province's economic and political aspirations. With a ready and able workforce and an insatiable appetite for power south of the border, Hydro-Quebec is doing what they do best: damming. The Cree have tried to shake their addiction to hydro, proposing alternatives such as wind power. Some say Hydro-Quebec shut these plans down, while others say it was too little, too late. Where does Quebec's hydro obsession leave us? What are the alternatives: were they really just a lot of wind?


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05/22/20, 3:30 am FNX NAT

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