First Contact

The Road to Healing #103

Monday, January 27, 08:00 pm on FNX NAT

Duration: 0:44:59

Description: So far on the journey the travelers have had their views confronted and their emotions pushed to the limit, but the travelers are about to face their biggest test yet. Heading south to Calgary, the group hits the front lines to experience life on the streets, and then go north, to an Edmonton prison to learn about life on the inside... here the divide in the group is at a breaking point. After this, the final stop on the 28-day journey is in Ahousaht First Nation, on the west side of Vancouver Island. Historically, Ahousaht has suffered many issues, but in recent years, with strong leadership from within, the reserve has made many changes and turned the community around. It is here that they take the final key steps in their journey, and process all they have learned during this once in a lifetime experience.


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