On Native Ground: Youth Report

The Chris Eyre Special #105

Friday, January 24, 06:30 pm on FNX NAT

Duration: 0:26:44

Description: In this full-length interview, On Native Ground reporter Koli Kohler takes a deeper look into the work and early inspirations of America's most talented Native American filmmaker, Chris Eyre. -Filmmaker Chris Eyre is candid with the On Native Ground audience as he describes what sparked his passion for photography and filmmaking, and the landscape of individuals and events that shaped his decision to focus on contemporary Native American experiences. Most notable is the storytelling on the making of his debut film "Smoke Signals" and how he and Sherman Alexie began the partnership that produced the Sundance Film Festival Filmakers Trophy and Audience Ward in 1998. Now residing in Santa Fe, New Mexico, he is the Chairman of the film department at Santa Fe University of Art and Design. Chris Eyre continues to make inspiring films and sits down with reporter Kohli Kohler at the Sundance Film Festival 2013.


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