The Feast Master #206

Sunday, January 26, 03:30 am on FNX NAT

Duration: 0:24:00

Description: A feast may never be if it were not for the feast master someone like Matthew Mukash. From the shores of the Hudson Bay Mathew Mukash leads us through a feast he is hosting. Many people pull together and somehow there is always food to be had. Someone has made the bannock, cooked the rabbit stew or brought the caribou. There is a key role to the success of such a gathering, it is the feast master that must orchestrate the entire event. Their job has a protocol and a purpose. Matthew Mukash explains the job as we follow him through his community's annual gathering at the old post. What food goes to who and the importance of getting it right. This is truly a spiritual calling that demands respect and knowledge of the old ways.


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