Ravens and Eagles

From Hand to Hand Part 1 #206

Monday, January 27, 04:00 pm on FNX NAT

Duration: 0:23:39

Description: Probably the most significant Haida artist to have ever walked the earth, Charles Edenshaw produced the largest body of artistic work in the history of the Haida Nation, and this work was instrumental in preserving their ancient style of art at a time when the very survival of the people was at stake. A survivor of the epidemics that plagued indigenous people across the continent, Edenshaw , his tools, and his creations all represent a story of an important chapter in art hstory. In this powerful and moving documentary, his descendants Robert Davidson, Carmen Goertzen and the soft spoken Christian White, all acclaimed artists in their own right, share the stories that their elders have passed on to them about this prodigious and industrious ancestor. Representatives from the University of British Columbia's Department of Anthropology and art historians from the Burke Museum in Seattle add to this narrative with information gleaned from their archives.


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