Clifford The Big Red Dog

Making Lemonade Out of Lemons/The Watering Hole #309

Monday, October 5, 09:30 am on ROOTLE

Duration: 0:28:55

Description: Making Lemonade Out of Lemons In order to raise funds for new soccer jerseys, Emily Elizabeth, Clifford and friends decide to set up a lemonade stand. However, they quickly get in over their heads with the making and the serving and the selling - turns out running a stand is hard! But with the help of Jack's soccer expertise, the team figures out a "game plan" and learns that when everyone works together, they can achieve anything. Goal! The Watering Hole Emily Elizabeth is so excited to go swimming in the town pool, but it's not open yet! She passes the time with Clifford by reading a book about animals in the Serengeti. The two of them get inspired to pretend to be those animals with their friends and head to the "watering hole." After a fun afternoon of being animals, the watering open for business!


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Broadcast In: English