Nature Cat

Backyard Bigfoot/Imperfect Produce #211

Saturday, September 26, 01:30 am on ROOTLE

Duration: 0:28:55

Description: Squeeks is hosting a Backyard Campout Party! Nature Cat is scared to join at first since it's so dark outside, but Squeeks assures him a backyard campout is just another nighttime nature adventure. A night of cool sounds, new smells, stargazing and s'mores! There's nothing to be afraid of - except for... that scary knocking sound?! Where is it coming from? It's ruining Squeeks' party! Daisy does a quick search on her phone only to discover the sound could be coming from Bigfoot. Uh oh. Squeeks' Campout Party has officially become a Bigfoot Tracking Party! Time to investigate. Onward and Bigfoot-ward! / Squeeks is so excited to enter her very first carrot crop into the Fall Festival and Crop Competition! But uh oh, there is a problem with her carrots. They're bumpy! They're twisty! They do not look good enough to be entered into a competition! Squeeks is ready to give up and throw away her strange-looking carrots, but the gang shows her that it doesn't matter how the carrots look, it's how they taste. And how do they taste? Deee-licios!


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Broadcast In: English