Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

Visiting Grandpere/The Tiger Family Goes Back Home #302

Friday, December 13, 10:30 pm on ROOTLE

Duration: 0:28:55

Description: Visiting Grandpere - The Tiger Family is visiting Grandpere's house and Daniel notices all of the things that are different and all of the things that are the same. Then, Grandpere and Daniel spend time together hunting for buried treasure. The Tiger Family Goes Back Home - It's Daniel's last day visiting Grandpere! Grandpere takes him on a special sunrise boat ride before the Tiger Family heads back to the Neighborhood of Make-Believe. Strategy: When you're away you can play this game, find what's different and what's the same.


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12/15/19, 12:00 pm ROOTLE
01/14/20, 10:30 am UNC-TV

Broadcast In: English

Website: http://pbskids.org/daniel/