Invasion of the Funky Flower #1107

Friday, December 13, 06:00 am on ROOTLE

Duration: 0:28:55

Description: Contestants from all over Cyberspace have come to Gardenia, a gorgeous garden cybersite ruled by the Queen Mum, for its annual flower-growing contest. Hacker is sure his doofydill will win Tallest Flower, but when he loses to Inez and her happiolus, he is furious and plots a plant-based revenge. He flies off to a faraway site and brings back a funky flower - an invasive species! The funky flower emits a stinky odor that no one can handle - not even the Queen Mum. Worse, it also spreads quickly, steals water, hoards sunlight and crowds out all the native plants! The CyberSquad races against time to find ways to stop the funky flower. Can they rescue Gardenia before it - and Hacker - take over for good?


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12/15/19, 6:30 am ROOTLE
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Broadcast In: English