Martha Speaks

The Puppy Show/Never Forget to Remember #503

Sunday, May 19, 08:00 am on KIDS

Duration: 0:28:55

Description: The Puppy Show - TV producer Laslo Huckey knows just what people want to watch: puppies. But puppies doing what? He challenges Martha and the gang to come up with the perfect pitch for a puppy show. Vocabulary: (E) gist, brainstorm, concept, situation, introduce. Never Forget to Remember - It's the first day of spring and everybody wants to play their favorite outdoor game, Kickup! Only, where's the ball? In order to find it, the kids recount their memories of the last game. The problem is, everybody remembers things differently... Vocabulary: (E) certain, specific, sure, detail(s), previously.


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Broadcast In: English