Columbus Neighborhoods

Cemeteries #504

Monday, July 1, 07:30 pm on HD

Duration: 0:26:46

Description: Archaeologists look for Irish Immigrants. The Ohio Canal brought prosperity to Columbus, but the workers who built it, especially those who died of plague-like diseases, have been long buried and forgotten. Cholera is still a world-wide concern and experts learn about the disease by comparing past victims to modern strains. In an effort to bring their lives to light, archaeologists reveal how they found long forgotten canal workers and study diseases of the past. Caring for the oldest cemeteries in Columbus What happens to forgotten cemeteries? This story examines the forces that change a cemetery, such as growing in size, being abandoned, being built over, or being removed or moved. Caring for the oldest cemeteries in Columbus. The majestic mausoleum that houses the remains of Thurston the Magician, mayors, tycoons and the brothers who started the Swisher Sweets Cigars has been undergoing extensive preservation efforts. See how preserving the Greenlawn Abbey mausoleum is in reality, preserving a way of life.


Broadcast In: English