Oh, Holiday Cheese/Change Day #219

Monday, July 1, 04:00 pm on HD

Duration: 0:28:46

Description: Oh, Holiday Cheese - The Botsfords kick off the holiday festivities with a cheese party. With lots of cheese and sing-a-longs, the party is a huge success until Dr. Two Brains shows up with his cheese-swiping ray. Can WordGirl save the party and get Dr. Two Brains into the holiday spirit? Vocabulary Words: Curmudgeon, Festivity. Change Day - Everyone is bringing their loose change to the bank to convert it into savings. What will happen when the Butcher locks Becky and Bob in the vault? Will the city's police officers be able to stop him when WordGirl can't come to the rescue? Vocabulary Words: Quandary, Fidget.


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