Mr. Big's Colossal Mini-Golf/The Young and the Meatless #216

Tuesday, June 25, 04:00 pm on HD

Duration: 0:28:46

Description: The Young and the Meatless - Romantic sparks fly when the Butcher meets Lady Redundant Woman's copy Dupey. Will Lady Redundant Woman allow a union between one of her copies and the meat-wielding villain? Vocabulary: Duplicate, Interruption. Mr. Big's Mini-Golf - There's a new villain in town, Guy Rich, he's a super rich evil businessman. Everyone is impressed by Guy... everyone except Mr. Big. Mr. Big schemes to win back the spotlight by building a Colossal Mini Golf Course. But what will happen when he puts his fellow evil villains under mind control? Vocabulary: Colossal, Scoff.


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Broadcast In: English

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