Nature Cat

Garden Impossible/Agents of the Great Outdoors #207

Wednesday, June 26, 03:00 pm on HD

Duration: 0:28:46

Description: Garden Impossible - It's a beautiful spring day when Daisy gets an urgent video chat from her best gardening pal, Petunia, who has moved to the city. Petunia has gotten herself into a quite a pickle. The Urban Gardening Club is coming to consider her for club membership in a month. Only trouble is, she doesn't have a garden, and she doesn't know how to grow one in the city. If she can't become a member of the Urban Gardening Club, she doesn't know what she'll do. Not to worry! No garden is impossible for Daisy and her pals! Time to build a city garden! Tally ho! Agents of the Great Outdoors - The Agents of the Great Outdoors are on a super-secret spy mission! Shhh! They're going undercover to find out if the noises animals make are their own way of talking to each other, and whoever finds the answer will get the Golden Badge of Honor. Ooooh! It's so golden and so badge-y and all at the same time. The Agents of the Great Outdoors are on the case! Time to find out if animals communicate! Onward and Yonward!


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Broadcast In: English