Shakespeare & Hathaway-Private Investigators

Exit, Pursued by a Bear #106

Sunday, June 30, 01:00 pm on HD

Duration: 0:43:57

Description: It's a slow day in the office for Frank and Lu until a hysterical Sally Balthasar flies into the office in a whirlwind of tears - they have to help her, someone's threatening her and she simply cannot perform under these conditions. Sally reveals she's in town staging her new adaptation of Romeo and Juliet but someone's left a menacing message on her hotel room window. The gang immediately get to work but just when they're getting close, the tables turn when someone attempts to poison Sally during the preview performance. Looking around the cast it's not hard to find someone with a bone to pick with Sally: from the frustrated director, Roman, to the quietly seething understudy, Belle - Sally hasn't been shy in ruffling a few feathers whilst staging her masterpiece. With opening night fast approaching Frank and Lu must uncover the would-be killer, before they get a chance to strike again...


Broadcast In: English