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How Beautiful Am I: New Interpretations of the Harlem Renaissance #604

Sunday, June 30, 09:30 am on HD

Duration: 0:26:46

Description: How Beautiful Am I: New Interpretations of the Harlem Renaissance As the city celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Harlem Renaissance, Columbus Metropolitan Library’s Carnegie Gallery hosts an exhibit that questions, reflects and provides fresh perspectives on the contemporary black experience. Explore the exhibit with curator April Sunami and studio visits with local artists Queen Brooks and Bobby T. Luck. Makeup Tips for Zombies Just in time for Halloween, we learned how to create latex scabs, burns, and open sores at the Columbus College of Art & Design with the help of special effects makeup artist Todd Reed. B&H Presents: Halloween by The Recently Deceased The Columbus band known as The Recently Deceased is back in the WOSU studio to share another tune to get you in the spooky – and campy spirit of Halloween. Here they are performing their original graveyard shuffle, Halloween. Memento Mori Oddities Shop From CET-PBS in Cincinnati, Ohio Memento Mori is a specialty shop in Loveland, Ohio (near Cincinnati) that focuses on selling unusual and macabre items. Everything from taxidermied animals and straitjackets, to embalming tools and Victorian mourning wreaths are on display. So if you’re looking for strange and unusual oddities… or simply to be shocked… this place might be worth a visit. Ghana Funeral Coffins From KUHT-PBS in Houston, Texas The funeral coffins in this story have been seen all over the world, but admittedly, the rest of the artist’s work is buried six feet underground. These artfully sculpted coffins on display at the National Museum of Funeral History in Houston, Texas are known as “ fantasy” coffins from Ghana in West Africa. Families there believe that the deceased will continue their occupation in the afterlife, and so each coffin is uniquely created to capture the essence – and occupation – of the departed, further symbolizing how this community connects its art to the afterlife.


Broadcast In: English