Ethnic Dance Theater: Grasslands

Em Pearson Theater, Concordia U November 2016

Sunday, December 8, 12:00 am on CH19

Duration: 1:46:20

Description: Whether known as steppes, prairies, savannahs, or pampas, the grasslands of the world cover 25% of the earth?s surface. In "Grasslands" Ethnic Dance Theatre takes audiences on a journey through the temperate grasslands of Croatia, Argentina, Poland, Romania, Ireland, Ukraine, Russia, Mexico, Mongolia, and Bulgaria. The program features works such as Posavska ?etva, depicting a harvest scene from the Croatian region of Posavina, a suite of dances from the plains of Thrace, and additional choreographies such as Bailes Norte?os from Chihuahua, Mexico, El Cuando from Argentina, and Myangad from Mongolia. The EDT Orchestra will also present musical sets from Romania and Ireland. Guest artists, Mila Vocal Ensemble, will add to the richness of the experience with choral sets from Croatia, Ukraine, and Bulgaria.

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12/15/19, 12:00 am CH19

Broadcast In: English