Firsts:Minnesota's African Amer. Groundbreakers

Notable Mn African Amer. Achievers

Thursday, March 14, 10:00 pm on CH19

Duration: 0:58:26

Description: Firsts: Minnesota's African American Groundbreakers, is a collaborative endeavor made possible thanks to the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund. The Humanities Center in partnership with the Council on Black Minnesotans has developed a series of interviews with African American Minnesotans to capture what it means to be a "First. " These interviews are hosted and produced by award winning author Alexs Pate and co-produced by the Saint Paul Neighborhood Network ("Building Community through Television"). Alexs Pate is the author of five novels including Amistad: The Novel. The Past Is Perfect, his forthcoming memoir, will be published next year. Segments from this program featuring Sharon Sayles Belton, Arthur Blakey, Jr., Linda Finney, William Finney, Archie Givens, Jr., and Robyne Robinson can also be seen here. These speakers share in vivid detail their experience of being a true Minnesota "First."

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