Sanctuary: Concert By One Voice Mixed Chorus

Ordway Concert Hall, January 21, 2018

Tuesday, March 13, 09:00 pm on CH19

Duration: 1:47:27

Description: Sanctuary explores the music of immigrants to Minnesota- from early Scandinavian immigrants, to African Americans arriving through the Underground Railroad, and more recent music of Hmong, Mexican and Somali communities. Several contemporary songs describe the experience of LGBT people struggling for a place of belonging and finding home through both biological and chosen family. On the lighter side, audiences will enjoy The Lumberjack Chorus from Benjamin Britten?s operetta ?Paul Bunyan? and You Will Be Found from ? Dear Evan Hansen.? This concert is in collaboration with Green Card Voices which has collected stories of youth immigrants. These youth story-tellers are featured throughout the concert and Green Card Voices photos and stories will be displayed in both venue lobbies.

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Broadcast In: English