Last of the Summer Wine

The Wormley Witches #810

Monday, February 11, 03:30 pm on MPT

Duration: 0:29:04

Description: Up on a hilltop, Clegg (Peter Sallis), Truly (Frank Thornton), Alvin (Brian Murphy) and Entwistle (Burt Kwouk) are surprised when a man ? Sinclair (Philip Anthony) appears and starts throwing rocks at them. Intrigued, they return later to find out why the man is being so aggressive. Meanwhile Glenda (Sarah Thomas) is with Barry (Mike Grady) trying to get him interested in bird-watching as an alternative to golf. Her idea that in such a remote area he will not be at risk of being embarrassed by his friends, is soon expelled when Truly, Entwistle, and Alvin disturb the birds as they chase Sinclair. It emerges that Sinclair has been cursed by "the witches" for shouting remarks at football match. The men decide that the only way to exorcise Sinclair is to take him to see ?The Master?, who looks like Smiler (Stephen Lewis) with a turban.


Broadcast In: English