Sid The Science Kid

Sleep? Who Needs It?! #220

Tuesday, June 25, 12:00 pm on PBSKIDS

Duration: 0:28:55

Description: Sid is ready to stay up all night so he and his stuffed animals can pretend to fly into space on a rocket ship! When his Mom insists that he can't stay up, Sid ventures to school to investigate more. He and friends explore how the body needs sleep to properly function, and most important, we need sleep to grow and stay healthy! Understanding that sometimes we feel too excited to sleep (like before an adventure into space), Susie presents a special Super Fab Lab where the kids practice calming down, and preparing their bodies for sleep. Susie lowers the lights, turns off all the sounds in the room, and teaches the kids how to breathe slowly to relax...and sleep!


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06/29/19, 12:00 pm PBSKIDS

Broadcast In: English