Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

The Blood of Juana The Mad #208

Monday, March 20, 07:00 pm on 35.1 HD

Duration: 0:52:36

Description: Loosely based on a Kerry Greenwood short story and set at a university college. When the fresh corpse of Professor Katz turns up in place of a cadaver in Dr. Mac's anatomy lecture she demands that Phryne and Jack - now estranged - work together in her interest. As they step around each other to investigate the murder and the disappearance of a valuable manuscript - the Book of Hours of Juana the Mad - a web of college pranking, politics and eugenics theory looks set to unravel. Not only do they solve the crime, but Jack and Phryne accept they work better together - in the interests of 'law and order'!


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Broadcast In: English