Moveable Feast with Fine Cooking

San Luis Obispo, California #506

Thursday, March 8, 12:30 am on CREATE

Duration: 0:26:46

Description: In this episode of Moveable Feast with Fine Cooking from San Luis Obispo County, California, Curtis jumps into the waters of Morro Bay Oyster Company, a hub for oyster farming since the early 1900s, with internationally-renowned California-based chefs David Rosner and Sherry Yard to source local Pacific Gold oysters. They then journey to San Luis Obispo's fertile farmlands to visit Rutiz Family Farms, which produces pesticide-free crops. At a local vineyard, the chefs prepare a grand feast in front of a beautiful backdrop of the region's volcanic peaks. On the menu are SLO-sourced ingredients in multiple ways: Sherry serves raw oysters with chile and ginger granita as well as a dessert of caramelized fennel and fruit streudel a la mode; David grills yellowtail tuna and fennel along with roasted oysters.


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Broadcast In: English