Growing A Greener World

Masters of the Edible Landscape (San Francisco, CA and Mt. Vernon, WA) #703

Tuesday, December 26, 08:00 am on CREATE

Duration: 0:26:46

Description: A common misconception of food gardens is that they're ugly and unsuitable in front yards or as ornamental displays. Accordingly, they're typically relegated to out of sight corners in backyards. But landscape design pro Rosalind Creasy has been working to debunk that myth for over 35 years. Even her home garden - starting right at the curb - is so beautiful that passersby usually don't even realize that it's almost exclusively an edible landscape. In this episode, Joe visits another master of gardening and food, international celebrity chef and television host Graham Kerr, a.k.a. "The Galloping Gourmet." His newfound passion for gardening is infectious, and his desire to share a love of growing food is a true inspiration.


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