Dining with the Chef

Rika's Unami Oden #336

Tuesday, December 12, 05:00 am on CREATE

Duration: 0:28:03

Description: In today's episode, chef Rika Yukimasa makes oden, a winter favorite. Chef Rika prepares her special soup, with a dashi base made with Kombu kelp and bonito flakes, and seasoned with nam pla. A variety of ingredients are simmered in this soup, including daikon radish, konnyaku, eggs, handmade ganmodoki, and handmade mocha kinchaku (fried tofu pockets stuffed with mochi). She also prepares delicious brown-tinted rice, with the rich flavor of dashi and the fragrance of soy sauce. For dessert, she makes a refreshing Japanese-style sorbet with yuzu citrus, rich in vitamin C.


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