Joseph Rosendo's Travelscope

Easter Island - Mysteries & Myths #601

Friday, November 24, 06:30 am on CREATE

Duration: 0:26:47

Description: Joseph travels to the most remote inhabited place on earth during his Easter Island adventure. Located more than two thousand miles from the coast of Chile, Rapa Nui (the island's native name) offers a world of mysteries that have remained unanswered for centuries. Questions abound surrounding the origins of the Rapa Nui culture, their enormous carved stone moai and the cause of the Rapa Nui people's ecological and natural disasters. Although one question invariably leads to another, Joseph attempts to explain what often eludes explanation while he spotlights the amazing journey of the Rapa Nui people from the shores of Polynesia more than 1,500 years ago through their glory days and times of turmoil to the vibrant culture that flourishes today.


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