Surviving Thanksgiving with Sara Moulton

Sunday, November 19, 09:00 am on CREATE

Duration: 0:56:46

Description: Thanksgiving is the biggest, most intimidating meal of the year for most cooks, full of potential catastrophes. This year, chef, cookbook author and television personality Sara Moulton offers time-saving tips and techniques in her one-hour special SURVIVING THANKSGIVING WITH SARA MOULTON. Using a calm, warm, and reassuring manner, the James Beard nominee takes viewers through the big meal step by step, with foolproof tips for avoiding the biggest culinary mistakes come Thanksgiving Day. Sara begins with suggestions on which cooking equipment to use, shows how to cook the turkey so it's never dry, and how to prep the gravy and mashed potatoes ahead of time to avoid having everything to do at the last minute. Plus, she introduces recipes for three unique, easy and delicious side dishes.


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