Journeys In Japan

Odate: The Land of the Akita Inu #333

Sunday, November 19, 06:30 am on CREATE

Duration: 0:28:03

Description: The statue of Hachi the Dog sits near Shibuya's famous scramble crossing. Hachi was an Akita Inu, a breed designated as a national monument. The breed originated in Odate City, Akita Prefecture in northern Japan. Odate thrived on mineral mining and forestry from the beautiful forests of Akita sugi, a type of cedar. But today, it's especially known as the birthplace of the Akita Inu. On Michael's travels around Odate he meets the famed dog and gets a glimpse into locals' everyday lives. He also takes part in the Amekko Festival, which dates back 400 years.


Broadcast In: English