1915 Expo Centennial - San Diego's Historic Places

Early Balboa Park Plans, Early Architect Plans, Museum of Man Design, St. Frances Chapel #1

Monday, December 11, 09:00 pm on KPBS2

Duration: 0:26:46

Description: By 1868 San Diego Civic leaders, like Ephraim Morse and Alonzo Horton, had the vision to set aside thousands of acres for an urban park. Some 15- years later - more plans would inject new life into City Park. City leaders saw the completion of the Panama Canal as a great opportunity for San Diego. Hosting a World's Fair would be a great celebratory idea and it would be good for the local economy. Learn how world renowned architects were hired to design the park and buildings for the World's Fair. Join Host Elsa Sevilla for the new 1915 Expo Centennial Series - San Diego's Historic Places.


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