Billy Connolly's Tracks Across America

Thursday, December 21, 10:00 pm on KPBS2

Duration: 0:46:37

Description: In the final episode of the series, Billy Connolly travels the soulful Crescent Route from San Antonio to New York. The excursion kicks off on a Friday night in Texas, which can mean only one thing - football. Billy eats hot dogs at a 10,000-seat stadium where soccer moms, ambition and marching bands collide. From there it's on to the swamps of Louisiana where Billy braves an attack from jumping Asian carp and visits the frog capital of the world. After a moving tribute at the graveside of one of Billy's musical heroes - Hank Williams - it's onto Birmingham, Alabama to hear the startling stories of the child crusaders who changed the course of history and segregation in the south. Billy's penultimate stop is Baltimore and a stop at the city's morgue where he uncovers the incredible tale of the multi-millionairess who became known as the "Mother of CSI" and her collection of creepy doll houses. All that before arriving in New York - a nice little day trip eh?


Broadcast In: English