Billy Connolly's Tracks Across America

Thursday, December 7, 10:00 pm on KPBS2

Duration: 0:45:24

Description: Billy travels from Chicago to Seattle on the mighty Empire Builder. Traveling from east to west, across six states, Billy jumps off to witness a true slice of Americana at the Minnesota State Fair, where giant butter sculptures, corn beauty pageants and live animal births are just some of the bamboozling entertainment on display. He tackles a world famous Juicy Lucy burger in St. Paul before skirting the badlands of North Dakota to experience the highs and lows of an oil boomtown. He marvels at the thousands of acres of uninterrupted prairie land before arriving at Montana's answer to Glasgow, Scotland. This is small-town America in all its glory - with cowboys and ranching families who have worked these lands for generations. The episode concludes in windswept Seattle- not in the glamorous tech city but in Tent City, where Billy is moved by the tales of homeless residents.


Broadcast In: English