A Growing Passion

Beans, Beans - The Magical Legume #702

Thursday, September 30, 08:29 pm on KPBS

Duration: 0:26:46

Description: California's Mediterranean climate is ideal for growing the dried beans that Native Americans and other ancient cultures have grown and eaten for centuries. Sadly, delicious and nutritious heirloom beans have some weaknesses - the plants are naturally smaller and produce fewer beans than today's "improved" varieties. Traditional varieties get diseases that weaken them and further reduce their production. In this episode, we see - and sample - more than a dozen heirloom beans. We see how the beans are grown, harvested, cleaned, and packaged for market. We also see the work of breeders who, with farmers, seek to strengthen the traditional varieties. The goal is to save their delicious flavors, while increasing the harvest, both on the farm and in the garden.


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