Ready Jet Go!

How Come The Moon Changes Shape?/Night of a Bazillion Stars #106

Wednesday, September 29, 06:00 am on KPBS

Duration: 0:28:46

Description: How Come the Moon Changes Shape? - When Jet, Sydney, and Sean have a hard time trying to explain the phases of the Moon to Mindy, Jet's parents, Celery and Carrot, offer to fly them out to space so they can see how the Moon changes shape depending on perspective. Curriculum: The Moon changes shape depending on its position relative to the Earth and Sun. Night of a Bazillion Stars - Jet, Sydney, and Sean decide to have a sleepover in Jet's backyard. They use Sean's telescope to look at the night sky and learn why stars twinkle and planets don't. Curriculum: Star and planet gazing. Stars twinkle because of turbulence in the atmosphere of the Earth. Planets do not twinkle the way stars do.


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