Journeys In Japan

Hieizan: Mother Mountain of Eternal Prayer #509

Wednesday, June 19, 01:00 am on KPBS

Duration: 0:28:03

Description: Hieizan (Mount Hiei) rises high to the northeast of the city of Kyoto, straddling the border between Kyoto and Shiga Prefectures. It is one of the most sacred Buddhist sites in Japan, and has been a focus for people's faith for over 1,200 years. The precincts of Enryakuji temple cover the entire mountaintop, and to this day many priests live there, undergoing spiritual training. Peter MacMillan is a researcher of Japanese literature from Ireland. On this episode of Journeys in Japan, he visits Hieizan to explore the deep spiritual connection that people feel for this sacred mountain.


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06/21/19, 1:30 am KPBS

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