Nature Cat

Heartthrob Hamster/Astronuts #101

Friday, June 21, 08:00 am on KPBS

Duration: 0:28:45

Description: Heartthrob Hamster - Nature Cat's family is pet-sitting their neighbor's super cute hamster, Sir Galahad. But when Hal "accidentally" knocks the top off the cage, Sir Galahad runs away, claiming he'll never go back in the cage, ever! Tally ho! It's up to Nature Cat and the gang to track down Sir Galahad, and get him in his cage before the owners get back. Astronuts - Nature Cat has a dream, to be first cat to walk on the moon. Daisy, Squeeks and Hal have always wanted to go to the moon too so they are in! But there's one slight problem how do they get to the moon? Daisy has an idea - they can build a rocket ship! Onward and yonward to the moon!


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Broadcast In: English