A Growing Passion

Distant Roots and Tasty Shoots: Plants at the Zoo #502

Thursday, March 8, 08:30 pm on KPBS

Duration: 0:26:46

Description: San Diego Zoological Society is world renowned for its animal collections at the San Diego Zoo and the Zoo Safari Park. What few people realize is that the Zoo and Safari Park's have world-class collections of more than a million plants, too. We stroll through the zoo with some of the browse staff who point out plants they harvest on-site, then take us to the offsite farm where they grow and harvest more browse. What there isn't room to grow on-site gets collected along highways and in neighborhoods around San Diego County. We visit reserved koalas whose strict eucalyptus diet is prepared in a special kitchen, tortoises who enjoy a range of fresh greens, and more.


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03/12/18, 8:30 pm KPBS2

Broadcast In: English