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Politically Correct Campuses: Are universities being held hostage by their students? #856

Sunday, January 7, 05:00 pm on KPBS

Duration: 0:26:46

Description: Since 1976, the percentage of students of color attending college has more than doubled, while the share of white students has fallen by nearly a third. The changing demographics of college campuses have led to more conversations there about the issues of race and identity that sometimes result in controversy. Student protesters have shut down guest speakers on campuses and some teachers have been suspended or resigned after making comments that offended students. Incidents like these have fueled fears that political correctness is overtaking free speech in higher education, and that colleges are being held hostage by the sensitivities of their students. NewsHour Weekend's Ivette Feliciano reports on how one small liberal college in the Pacific Northwest is struggling with the issue.


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