Last Dukes

Sunday, December 17, 11:00 pm on KPBS

Duration: 0:59:07

Description: Over the centuries, dukedoms were created by the monarch for various reasons - ranging from rewarding a major war hero to acknowledging a king's illegitimate son. With only 24 non-royal ducal estates remaining in Britain today, do the dukes of the 21st century still retain their historical power and wealth? In the fascinating documentary THE LAST DUKES, answers come from a variety of extraordinary characters, including Lady Rosemary Spencer-Churchill, aunt of the current Duke of Marlborough, who was brought up in Blenheim Palace with 36 servants; the Duke of Atholl, who until 2012 was a rural South African sign-maker named Bruce Murray; the Scottish Duke of Montrose, one of the few dukes remaining in House of Lords; and the Duchess of Rutland, whose business savvy has kept the family seat of Belvoir Castle in good repair.


Broadcast In: English