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Sunday, December 3, 05:30 pm on KPBS

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Description: On this episode: Imagine a world where you find a tasty looking recipe, gather the ingredients and simply press print. Engineer Hod Lipson is on a culinary quest to make 3D-printed food a reality; Rats are the vile creature that occasionally scurried through tunnels alleys and garbage cans. But in researcher Dr. Jason Munshi-South's lab at Fordham University in New York, these creatures are a source of evolutionary wonder. For the past four years, researchers have been trapping rats and extracting their DNA to learn more about their evolutionary origins and their interactions with urban environments. Dr. Munshi- South joins Hari Sreenivasan to discuss the rats of New York City; In 2021 astronomers will dive deeper into outer space with the use of a 23 million dollar telescope in one of the world's highest deserts located in Chile. Martha Haynes, Cornell University Professor of Astronomy, joins Hari Sreenivasan via Google Hangout to discuss the project; John Edmark's sculptures are both mesmerizing and mathematical. Using meticulously crafted platforms, patterns and layers, his art explores the seemingly magical properties that are present in spiral geometries. In his most recent body of work Edmark creates a series of animating blooms that endlessly unfold and animate as they spin beneath a strobe light. Our partner Science Friday brings us the story.


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