1915 Expo Centennial - San Diego's Historic Places

Overview Balboa Park, 7th Avenue Homes & Park, Spreckles Theater, MCRD, Navy #5

Thursday, January 4, 09:00 pm on KPBS

Duration: 0:26:46

Description: San Diego's Historic Places, Host & Producer Elsa Sevilla gives us a spectacular glimpse into the 1915 Exposition in Balboa Park. Take a tour of what used to be the Isthmus or the "Fun Zone" at the Expo. Learn about the different exhibits that visitors from around the country enjoyed. You'll also find out when and why the U.S. Marines and Navy Sailors stayed in Balboa Park. Be sure to join Elsa Sevilla as she uncovers some amazing stories about the 1915 Exposition and how the Expo impacted not only San Diego but the region.


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