As One

Live Performance from the San Diego Opera

Saturday, November 11, 07:00 pm on KPBS

Duration: 1:26:58

Description: Hannah knows there are things about her that society says she must hide...the thrill of a wearing a blouse, her expressive penmanship, other impulses that society says are wrong. Then one day, she hears the word that describes who she is. The real word. The magic word. Take the journey with Hannah from a her youth in a small town, through college and finally to a place where she learns to accept herself for who she is. Transgender rights is a hot button topic in today's news. As One strips the issue bare to one human being's personal and emotional story with a beautiful score illuminated by empathy and humor. Two voices, a baritone and a mezzo-soprano, share the sole protagonist role in an intimate chamber opera featuring the Hausmann Quartet. Music & Concept by Laura Kaminsky. Libretto by Mark Campbell & Kimberly Reed. Arranged by Bill Holab Music. AS ONE was commissioned and developed by American Opera Projects (AOP)


Broadcast In: English