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Sunday, November 26, 05:30 pm on KPBS

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Description: On this episode: In the forests of the Northwestern United States, one technological innovation has greatly impacted the logging industry: the chainsaw. Up next, our environmental reporting partner Earthfix looks at how this mechanical tool evolved to transform the timber industry; Dave Mosher is a science reporter who's written for Scientific American, Popular Mechanics, National Geographic News and Throughout his career he's watched humans and robots launch into space, flown over the North Pole to catch a total solar eclipse and toured a cutting edge nuclear reactor. He joins Hari Sreenivasan to discuss firsthand experience inside a nuclear reactor; Imagine a world where doctors could repair damaged tissues or organs with a patient's very own cells. Well, one laboratory in North Carolina is working on just that with support from the United States Military. Up next, a look at the groundbreaking signs of regenerative medicine from the PBS documentary film Military Medicine: Beyond the Battlefield; The Houston Astrodome is the former home to many Houston sports teams, but it's gone unused for the past decade. Now a local architect has a plan to re-envision the future of the stadium.


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