Ready Jet Go!

Sunday Drive #129

Wednesday, November 22, 02:00 pm on KPBS

Duration: 0:28:46

Description: "Sunday Drive" Parts 1 & 2 - After the Propulsions download their new version of their saucer dashboard operating system, things are out of whack. Their test drive to Mars - usually a simple trip - is complicated by the new dashboard. They zip to Venus and Saturn instead... and then finally land on Mars, so they think. They're actually in an Earth desert, Mars-like at first (hot, red soil, lack of water), but soon they realize where they are. A desert vs. Mars comparison is made. Before heading home, the family decides that the old, dependable saucer operating system works just fine for them. Curriculum: An Earth desert and a Mars desert have some similarities, but are also very different. A comparison is made between the two, including life or lack thereof, temperature, water, and soil.


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Broadcast In: English