Wapos Bay

A Time to Learn #105

Thursday, July 7, 12:30 pm on FNX National

Duration: 0:24:00

Description: Missing sled dogs and a pile of homework are just a few of the things that Talon has to deal with before setting out for the trapline with his father Alphonse. Talon can't wait to go away for a week, but the exciting trip means lots of extra responsibility. He has to complete the schoolwork that he'll miss before leaving. While Talon struggles with a creative writing assignment, T-Bear and Mushom (grandfather) have trouble with the dog team. T-Bear incorrectly ties the dogs up, and they escape. Intense preparations and avoidable mishaps teach the children the importance of listening to elders and taking care with everything you do.


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08/10/22, 12:30 pm FNX National
09/13/22, 12:30 pm FNX National

Broadcast In: English