My Boy

Wednesday, December 2, 01:30 am on FNX National

Duration: 0:24:58

Description: In 2014, Colten Pratt went missing from the streets of Winnipeg. His mother Lydia Daniels has never stopped searching. In the weeks that followed his disappearance, Lydia was met with adversity as she tried desperately to find her son. It seemed to her, that the plight of a lost Aboriginal man fell on deaf ears. Weeks turned to months, months turned to years. After the disappearance of her son, Lydia suddenly became all too aware of the desperate state of Aboriginal Mens' rights. No matter what she did, no one seemed to care about her son. Colten has yet to be found. This story about getting to know him, as a person and a human being, rather than a statistic.


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